Quick script I made to update hosts file entry. The script comments out previous IP and domain name and creates a new line with the new IP and domain name. It was challenging in that the number of spaces and tabs might be different and we do not know what was entered in the hosts file.


$domainNameToBeUpdated = “test.com”
$newEntry = “ newtest.com #updated 3/22/16”
$commentOutOldEntries = Get-Content $hostsFile | Select-String $domainNameToBeUpdated | Foreach-Object{ If($_ -Match $domainNameToBeUpdated ){‘#’ + $_ + ‘ #OLD Entry 1/1/16’} }
$hostsFile = “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts”
$oldEntries = Get-Content $hostsFile | Select-String $domainNameToBeUpdated
Write-host $oldEntries
foreach( $oldEntry in $oldEntries)
foreach ($commentOutOldEntry in $commentOutOldEntries)
(Get-Content $hostsFile) -replace $oldEntry, “$commentOutOldEntry `n$newEntry” | Set-Content $hostsFile


Written 03/22/16