This journey from 03/04/2024 – 03/23/2024 to Japan stands out as one of the most remarkable experiences of my life — a memory etched into my consciousness. Despite it being my fourth visit to this captivating country, I embarked with no preconceived notions. I had convinced myself that I had already checked off every item on my Japan bucket list. How mistaken I was!

Gratitude fills my heart for the chance to work physically in a foreign land for the first time on a new ticketing system implementation project. The encounters with extraordinary individuals from diverse corners of the globe enriched my days. Not only did I revisit familiar places, but I also discovered new facets of Japan’s vibrant life and work culture. It’s a testament to the unexpected joys that await those who venture beyond their comfort zones.

If fate aligns, I eagerly anticipate packing my bags once more, ready to immerse myself further in the captivating tapestry of Japan’s work and life.




Written 03/25/2024