2020 was a new era for the whole world with the impact of coronavirus. Out of all the challenges faced this year, I would say that changing careers from NBCUniversal to Amazon was the most challenging for me. Due to the pandemic, I made the difficult decision to start brand new at Amazon in August 10, 2020. I had left a family, a culture I thrived on, and a place I loved. In this transition, a rollercoaster of emotions were felt ranging from excitement to being overwhelmed.

Right now at Amazon, I am an IT Support Engineer II and drive to numerous sites supporting their logistic operations from auditing hardware, configuring networks, utilizing in-house systems, and assisting with end user equipment. Like every new job, it was a brand new environment, brand new learning curve, brand new culture and people, and with the addition of balancing the challenge of the pandemic. Maintaining work life harmony really put me to the test and is continuing to make me grow as a person. Although 2020 has now officially came to an end, it is barely the beginning of this new world. Stay strong 2020 and let’s do this!

Written: 12/31/2020