Purchased Groupon tickets for a 10,000 ft tandem skydive in San Diego. Their website is here: http://skydivesandiego.com/ I went with my cousin Andrew and it was very nerve-wracking but exhilarating. We first drove there and signed a bunch of electronic documents (probably saying that we couldn’t sue them if we died). We also purchased a package where a trainer would jump with us with a go-pro and take pictures and a video. After that, we had training which was very short and they didn’t expect us to remember any of the things they said. It was basically positions we’d have to do when we have our trainer attached to us as they’d be doing most of the work. After training and waiting outside, a private jet plane then came and picked us up along with additional groups that went. We met our trainers, wore these suits, and off we went! When we finally reached that 10,000 ft in the air, we were strapped on to our trainer and… jumped off! Very super scary indeed; you get a minimal feel of that roller coaster tickling feeling and then it feels like a huge blow dryer is blowing against your whole body. The free fall was probably about 2 minutes and then the parachute was opened. The whole jump was probably about 10 – 20 minutes. It was an awesome experience, the staff was friendly, and just something everyone has to has to do!


Written: 11/08/14